Statement of Russian PM Medvedev concerning the recent sanctions of the US


The US has adopted sanctions against Russia, and it has been watered down. The Russian Prime Minister, Medvedev, has published a statement. Since it is not expected that our propaganda media will be able to speak on the Russian side, here is a statement in the text:

“ the signing of a new sanctions law against Russia by the US President leads to several consequences. First of all, any hope of improving our relations with the new US Government is destroyed. Secondly, the US has just declared a full trade war to Russia (Full-scale trade). Thirdly, the Trump Government showed that it was completely powerless and had to leave the power to Congress in an extremely humiliating manner. This shifts the orientation of the forces in US political circles.

What does that mean for the USA? The American establishment has tricked Trump. The President is not satisfied with the new sanctions, but he could not avoid signing the new law. The purpose of the new sanctions was to put Trump on line. The final goal is to remove Trump from power. An incompetent player needs to be removed. At the same time, the interests of American companies were almost ignored. The policy has prevailed over the pragmatic approach. Anti-Russian hysteria has become a key element not only of US foreign policy (as has often been the case) but has also become one for US domestic policy (this is new).

The sanctions codified in the law will now last for decades, unless a miracle happens. Moreover, it will be tougher than the Jackson-Vanik law, because it is comprehensive and cannot be postponed with a special presidential decree without the approval of the Congress. Therefore, the future relationship between the Russian Federation and the United States will be extremely tense, regardless of the composition of the congress or the President’s personality. Relations between the two countries are now settled in international bodies and courts, which leads to further intensification of international tension and a refusal to resolve major international problems.

What does that mean for Russia? We will continue to work on the development of the economy and the social sphere, we will be able to deal with our imports and solve the most important public tasks – and above all rely on ourselves. We’ve learned this in recent years. Within almost closed financial markets, foreign creditors and investors will be afraid to invest in Russia because of the fear of sanctions against third parties and other countries. In some ways we will benefit, even though sanctions – in general – are meaningless. We’ll solve the problem.“

As far as the Russian government is concerned. It is expected that a deeply corrupt US Congress, with this measure, has further accelerated the isolation of the US and its rapid decline. A nation on an incestuous suicide trip…

Translation: Marianne Else. Comments by Hermann Ploppa


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